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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why do I need a home inspection?

A. Professionally trained home inspectors assist in maintaining the health of your home and a property inspection makes home maintenance easy by catching minor problems before they become big projects.

In  just a few hours you'll have a detailed report of the condition of your  home so that you can plan for needed repairs and upgrades when it's  time to make them. When purchasing a home, many homebuyers have saved  literally thousands of dollars through information provided by the home  inspector. 

Homeowners  who have owned their homes for several years can even benefit from a  home inspector's knowledge of maintenance and repairs, and experience to  avert potential problems. In many areas where disasters have occurred,  homeowners have relied on inspectors to help them identify any damage  resulting from storms, earthquakes, floods, etc. 

Many  independent and nonprofit organizations exist to promote ethical  practice and professional standards throughout the home inspection  industry. 

Q. Who exactly would require a home inspection?

A. When  buying a new home, new construction home or a pre-owned home, you need  an inspection for your peace of mind. Sellers also benefit from home  inspections by knowing the condition of their home before listing. They  are spared the embarrassment of the buyers home inspector finding major  defects with their home that they were not aware of and possibly will  hold up the real estate transaction. If your new home still has a home  warranty through a builder it is smart to have a home inspection before  it expires.

Q. I've checked this house out thoroughly myself, why do I need an inspection?

A.   Inspectors have the training, experience and competence that comes with  being in the industry and inspecting hundreds of homes. We know what to  look for and what to look at. Considering the average home, there are  literally hundreds items that should be inspected. 

While  you or someone you may know can examine the home and roughly determine  the overall condition of it, inspectors inspect homes daily, each and  every week throughout the year and know exactly what to look for in a  home. We detect minor/major flaws, defects in workmanship, proper  installation and construction
parameters and unsafe conditions that the general public would miss. 

 Q. What makes you different from the local competition?

A. Education, experience, EFFORT and standard of care.
​The  industry is full of inspectors who neither have the training,  experience or qualifications to qualify as a professional home  inspector. A professional knows what to look for and reports the  condition to their clients in a detailed report outlining the condition  of the home and provides insight to the buyer as
to the actual condition of all the items in the home, so the buyer can make an informed buying decision.      

Q. What is included in your home inspection?

A. A  proper home inspection will take account of: Physical structure, Roof,  sub roof, gutters/leaders, and downspouts. Overall plumbing and  electrical systems, heating and air conditioning systems, built-in  appliances, foundations, grading & drainage, just to cover a few.  Every home is unique and inspected accordingly. 

Q. What is the cost of a good home inspection?

A. Cost  of your inspect depends on the square footage of the subject home and  any other related home structures. Optional testing for mold,  air  quality, water quality, Radon, etc is additional. 

Q. How long does your inspection take?

A. Every  home is different, the average home is about 2500 square feet, and  usually takes around 4 to 5 hours to inspect properly. 

Q. How large is the inspection report?

A. A  completed inspection report is about 55-75 pages including graphics and  based upon the state of the home inspected, the more things found in  the home that are deficient, the more the report contains. 

Q. Should my Realtor get a copy of your report?

A. Whether  or not you decide to provide the Realtor with a copy is up to you.  It  would be common practice to provide YOUR agent with the report, not  necessarily the seller's side, especially if you decide not to purchase  the property.  

    If you want to re-negotiate the purchase based upon the inspection  report, get the seller to fix or repair an item or just to give you an  allowance for it, then include the Realtor. 

Q. Should I be at the home inspection?

A. Yes,  if possible, you should be there at the home inspection. HOWEVER, if  your schedule conflicts, it is more important to get a quality  inspection and not be there than to be there and get a poor inspection.   We take plenty of photos and provide detailed explanations of any  problems. We are reasonably available by phone, text or e-mail for free  follow-up consultation.